Welcome to the world Isleofdogs cosmetic for dogs


Welcome to the Isle of dogs.

Profi cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners and styling products from USA are like mercedes between cosmetics. You can find a wide range of natural shampoos, conditioners and combing preparations with evening primrose oil or propolis in our offer. All products Isle of Dogs are in concentration up to 1:10, or up to 1:20 depending on the type and range. Main goal of Isle of Dogs company is to maximaly support the health, beauty and the overall condition of every dog from the inside out.  For this to happen we are trying to:

- help breeders to understand how important it is to maintain the correct care and trimming.
- provide profesional trimmers that use profi cosmetics in dog salons with the best guidance and expert advice. 
- offer top cosmetic preparations for dogs of all kinds, regardless of the race or occupation.

We all love dogs, but many owners do not know how to care about them properly. They usualy use shampoos for humans which have incorrect pH. They do not wash their dogs regualy and the dogs skin and coat are therefore dry. Some even think that the bath is too tasking for the owner and the dog, becouse dogs do not like to bathe. Nevertheless the truth is that in most of the other cases, people care about their dogs like of any other member of their family.  They share your home, your couch or even your bed with you, you know clean, shiny, and wonderfully fresh fur is an absolute necessity for extended cuddle time. All of our grooming products are perfectly balanced and made in the USA, giving you the ingredients you need for a clean, beautiful, 'snugg-able' dog.